Prayers for Landen Please

My little great nephew, Landen, was taken to the ER on Friday night. His temp was 101.3*F, but his white blood count was 27,800. They transfered him to a children’s hospital in Jackson. The dr’s in Jackson did a spinal tap, bloodwork, and a uranalys(SP) on him. The spinal tap came back with clear spinal fluid but the bloodwork and uranalys(SP) won’t be in until Monday. Landen is almost 3 wks old, he was born on June 30, 2010. Please pray for him and his mommy, daddy and big sister. We are all so worried about him but I have been praying and I just feel that God is going to heal him. I ask that all of you also pray for Landen, Casie, Jamie, and Lily. Lily is only 13 months old and doesn’t understand what’s going on with her family. She stayed with us Friday night through today. She went to church with us and you couldn’t ask for a child to be any better than she was. Anyway, please pray for the dr’s to find out what’s wrong with Landen and a way to heal him. Thank you in advance so much for your prayers! Be Blessed! Hugs!

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